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My LMP is 29/11/2016 & my DOB is 22/03/1987, I am prayer for baby boy,plz give me ans asap,plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Chinese Gender Predictor

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Hi Nidhi,

I think your LMP is 29/11/2015 not 29/11/2016.

Your Chinese lunar date of conception : 10th Lunar month, 18th Lunar Day
Lunar age at the time of conception: 29
Prediction of your Baby's Gender based on the Chinese baby gender: Girl

Just for your reference.

I wish Baby Boy dear , Any suggestion from you,
Thank you very much for your reply, but may I know it is a scientific or it just a fun, already I have 4 yrs old daughter,reply must plzzzz
Hi Nidhi,

As you know, baby's gender couldn't be determined by ourselves. There are only some ways that could increase the chances of getting a baby boy. Such as drink more milk, eat more apple and less meat from three months before you get pregnant. The Chinese baby gender chart is also one way to increase the chance.
thank you so much
what di you get nidhi..according to your US

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