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I live in the third floor of my apt, i have a very narrow hallway, as a resident I'm not allowed to have anything outside my door due to a fire emergency , in the exterior of my front door,i have a storage room, it has door, is this ok since is not a neighbors door?if not can i have some tips to fx the issue.

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That's also not good in Fengshui.

Following are some cures for it:

Keep them closed or use curtains to slow down the airflow in and out and balance it.

You can put Pi Xiu, Kylin or other charms in your home.

Five-emperor coin string is a Feng Shui item which can effectively cure the bad Feng Shui pattern of two doors facing each other. A string of five-emperor coins can be put under the threshold of your door or the two doors. You can buy it here:

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