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When you go in the main door to the right is the dining room, to the left is the living room and across or about 5 meters away from the door are two steps going down. Is this considered bad luck? What to do to remedy the situation if it brings bad luck?

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There is no problem for the layout of living room and dining room in terms of Feng Shui. But the steps going down in front of your front door is not auspicious. Wealth of your family and good luck of you will flow out from the stairs. You'd better place two plants besides the door to remedy the situation.
In our new North-facing landed property, there are 2 front facing openings - one is a sliding window right in front of car porch (flat road surface outside) and another 3-panel glass doors (facing a slanted road slope) for front entry to house. The house has no front door. We are thinking of erecting a wooden front door either in between these 2 openings where there is an empty space or change either one of the current openings to a wooden front door. Appreciate your advice which is a better option pls.
Hi momojess,

The 3-panel glass doors face a downslope road or upslope road?

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