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Please help me to reveal what my future holds for Career (job), marriage, Money and highest political office hold.
My DOB-01/May/1988
Country -Nigeria
Time of birth -19:30

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Hi Muste,

Judging from your birth elements, you lack water and wood elements. So, you are always timid, not far-sighted and lack of willpower to do something. So, you may not achieve too much in career in life. You usually pay much attention to friendship and worry a lot about your brothers or sisters. So, your early life is a little hard. Your fortune will turn to be good because your life partner will give you great help to your career and other aspects. You will have your way to earn money but as you don't know how to save money, you will not be too rich. Just for your reference. Your fortune is grasped by your own hands.
Thanks dearest teacher
One more question,
I applied for petroleum resources company and I'm successful short listed and wrote aptitude test on 26/July/2017 by 11:00am, north west region in my country, will i get appointment at this company?

Hi, my name is Aumisha. I will be 25 years old this month. My date of birth is 18 september 1992.I'm from South africa, I would love to learn about my future, career,health and when will i have kids? I would like to conceive a baby girl, please advise when is the best time. Thanks
Hi Aumisha,

You need to provide your exact birth time and birth place in order to help you predict your future. According to Chinese gender chart, if you find your menstural period first date occurs during one of the following periods, it's favorable for you to try after it for baby girl:
August 7 - September 19, 2017
October 20 - December 31, 2017

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