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The dream was set in the type of home my spouse and I would love to live in one day. There was a large event or party going on in the house. A lot of the people there were current people in my life but also friends from college/past. We were all getting ready. Everyone was able to get ready but for some reason I was not able to ever find a moment to get ready. Then when I finally had a moment the curling Iron caught fire. It was very vivid. I just remember starring at this flame. All I remember is that everyone one safely got out but I was stuck in the middle of the fire. I just remember feeling extremely hot but never getting burned. Then all of a sudden I was out of the fire and everyone seemed fine but I was very uneasy because I had just experienced a near death experience and no one seemed to acknowledge that. They kept wanting me to join them to go do something. They were upset because I did not want to go. Then I found myself being drawn back to the burnt house. I went to the front door which was very black and charred. I looked into the dark ash window on the front door and immediately saw (I'm assuming) my reflection. I saw a woman but when I reached up to touch the reflection it shattered. Then I looked through the shattered window and saw the woman hunch over in the hallway. I just felt very sad... That was the end of the dream. Very vivid dream!

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