wife born 20.03.64 husband born 24.05.61 Will our financial situation improve this year

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Hi Mark,

Wealth prediction for wife born in 20.03.64:
The evidently improved luck for wealth will bring you more income, windfall and considerable benefits from the investment made in this year. If you intend to make investment and money management, you may do it with the spare money. For wage-earners, you will get the chance for salary raise and handsome bonus. For you Dragons in business, you will create good results by virtue of the contacts as long as you get along with others.

Wealth prediction for husband born in 24.05.61:
During 2019, you will more likely lose money and spend on some unnecessary things. Though you are frugal and hope to save the hard-earned money, the hope will be vain because you will save no money but borrow some. You are suggested to wear a Pi Xiu bracelet or necklace to help you improve the wealth fortune. 

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