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Asked by j***r | 12/27/2016 2:02:43 PM

I'm a guy I found too much troubles and hurdles in my education and finding job I just want to know about my job and carrier.....
date of birth:13 january 1991
time of birth:06:30 pm
place of birth:Islamabad,Pakistan

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S***r 12/28/2016 4:23:30 AM

Hi jarrar haider,

You usually could enjoy a good fortune in the following years:
1998 2008 2018 2028 2038 2048 2058 2068

Your lucky postition in career is located in Southeast. You'd better place a pair of elephant in this direction of your house to help you increase the luck in career.

During your life, you may be blocked in career by the following reasons:
1. Lacking a good personal relationship.
2. Having a poor expression ability which make others musunderstand you.
3. Stubbon in personality and act arbitrarily.

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