Asked by M***a | 2/5/2017 2:33:23 PM

What's d significance of dreaming regarding d darghaa repeatedly?

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L***e 2/6/2017 3:33:43 AM

What does darghaa mean?

M***a 2/6/2017 2:37:11 PM

It's a Muslim holy place

L***e 2/7/2017 3:05:41 AM

If you plan to travel recently, it's a suggestion to choose another date to go.
If you are pregnant now. It indicates you will get a baby boy.
If you are in love, it indicates you need to understand each other more.
If you own a business, it indicates you have difficulties recently.

M***a 2/7/2017 4:01:01 AM

No M single .....

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