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My fate line starts with fish mark at Moon mount and ends with trident at Saturn mount.
My sun line stars at Outer mars mount,ends at Sun mount and at the down part of Sun mount I have a big star on sun line.
What's the meaning of these signs on lines and mount especially fish sign?

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If your fate line starts from the Mount of Moon and end at the Mount of Saturn, it shows that you could get success owing to your good interpersonal relationship and creative talent and you can have a successful career created from almost nothing. You will have a faithful helpmate. A trident at the end of fate line indicates a famous and rich life

The sun line indicates you are diligent and have a super endurance and a great restraint. Ever in the flashy show biz, you are well-regulated. In all, you could achieve success depending on your skills and effort. The star on the sun line is auspicious to you. It shows you could gain fame from the age where the star appears stands for.

The fish on palmistry has the same meaning with island. It indicates you were born unusually.

Good luck

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