Difference between money line and children line


The money line and children lines are located in the same place on the palm. How can I differentiate them?

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Hi Sam,

Money line is below the place between the little finger and ring finger. Children line is below the little finger and above the marriage line.
My name is Menino Andrade date of birth acording to my parents is 3/2/1971i have M on my hand palm but no luck for money can u help me waitting for your reply
Hi Menino Andrade,

Is the M sign on your palm very clear? M on hand shows you have good luck for money but couldn't guarantee you could get a lot of money. It also needs your great effort. In addition, you may have chances to make enough money but if you couldn't grasp the opportunity, you couldn't get rich as well. You should also check if you have more lines indicating money.

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