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What if I don't have a money line, marriage or children line???

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If you don't have marriage line, it means that you have no desire to love. You are not interested in or couldn't be attracted by the opposite sex. You usually don't pay much attention on marriage and may be sexless. Instead, you like to focus more on your hobbies or career. If you are younger than 20, you may don't have a marriage line. As you grow older and contact more with opposite sex, the marriage line may appear. If you already get married and don't have the line, the most case is that you don't have interest in your partner.

If the husband or wife has the children line,they will have children. Also, the line changes as aging.

To judge how much wealth you will become, the money line itself is not enough. There are many other signs deciding if you could be rich in life. You can read "Others Signs to Show Wealth and Money" on if you are interested.

Good luck
This couldn't be more wrong! I'm a hopeless romantic always looking for love..... I'm 34 and want to find a good man and have a family..... how bogus, ,thanks for the reply tho much appreciated

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