hello sir/mam, what is the best cure for my bad this year of the monkey? is there any good luck stone? what is my birthstone and what gemstone best or me? im born in July 27, 1986

I am hoping that you can give me cure

thank you

J R Baes

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Hi J R Baes,

2016 is not a good year for the people born in the Tiger Year. You can wear tiger's-eye (gives you more confidence), citrine (brings you good luck in wealth), amber (makes you happy) or bronze ring/eardrop to cure.

The ornaments with the sign of Horse, Dog or Pig are also auspicious to you helping to ward off the evil spirit.
Thank you very much master, I already feel the goodness coming to me, I will follow your advice, it is also good or ok to use tiger's eye, citrine at amber in 2017 or for the rest of my life? I'm wearing gold necklace combine with silver and gold ring,is it also good if I will use gold or silver ring?
Tiger's eye, citrine at amber are good to used in any year for you. They are the best gemstones to bring you good luck. It's ok to wear gold necklace combine with silver and gold ring. The silver is especially good for you as well. As it belong to Yin element and Tiger is more masculinity, silver could integrate the Yin and Yang to make you more powful to avoid the bad effect.

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