Confusion between different chinese charts.


Hi, while I'm checking the gender prediction charts,
It was quite confusing for me.

1) One chart mentioned the Lunar months in numbers. (

2) Other chart mentioned the same months as Gregorian names(Jan, Feb, March etc.) - ( )

and, I presume that September is not always the 9th month in lunar calendar but the 2nd chart looks quite confusing.

For example, 1st chart says Nov'20, Dec'20 and Jan 2021 are the best dates but
2nd chart says Sep'20, Oct'20 and Dec'20

My wife's DOB is 04 Nov 1998
And, we're looking to have a Boy baby in this year(Nov - Dec).

I request you to give me the best dates for the above period.

Thank you so much in advance

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From the second chart on this page:
You can get:
Chinese lunar September (Oct 17 - Nov 14 in Gregorian Date), October (Nov 15 - Dec 14) and November (Dec 15, 2020 -Jan 12, 2021) are auspicious dates for your wife to conceive baby boy.

From the chart on this page:
You can get: Oct 17 - Jan 12, 2021 is the best time for baby boy.

They are the same one.
Thank you so much for the answer.

Can you please clarify one more thing please?

The so called Chinese calendar in the site "The Bump" is similar (I'm unable to post the link here) .
Some of the people in my circle thing that also might be correct.

I'm unsure if it is the real one. Al-though that is said it is 50-50 accuracy,
Just keen to know from you the real details as to which gender chart is correct.

As I can observe, until the 21yrs, it is same in both of the gender charts and things change from then,

They don't ask Lunar age and Lunar month. They ask for Gregorian Age.

Please don't mind, Just wanted to know the accuracy of this from you in your opinion

When I check in that calendar, the next 3 months says it is girl.

There is only one version of Chinese Gender Chart. If you see a different one, it should be a wrong translaton. No matter which way you use to predict, the accuracy is only 50% to my experience.

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