condo unit 2414

Asked by y***0 | 9/27/2016 11:47:16 AM

Hi my husband is a horse and i am a sheep we just bought a condo unit 2414. is it good? thanks

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L***g 9/30/2016 3:15:51 AM


Could you let me know your date of birth and exact birth time in or order to check your birth element. After knowing your birth element could I know if the number is auspicious to you.

y***0 10/2/2016 1:03:40 PM

My husband oct 11, 1978 6:32AM
I Sept 14, 1979 6:10PM


K***y 10/3/2016 2:52:19 AM


Your husband is Earth Horse and his lucky element is Water which will bring him good luck in all aspects. For people with the lucky element Water, in terms of condo unit, his lucky number is 3 and 8. Numbers should be avoided is 4 or 9

You are Earth Sheep and lucky element is Wood. You lucky numbers are 1 and 6, 5 and 10 should be avoided.

So, there will be some problem for your husband as your number contains 4. Just for your reference.

y***0 10/3/2016 12:15:17 PM

thanks is there a way the unit could be auspiscious for both of us?

L***g 10/4/2016 3:42:47 AM

Don't worry about this too much. Good Feng Shui in your house is more important than the condo unit number. You can arrange your home with good Feng Shui to help you enjoy a good luck. Here are some articles for you to read.

y***0 10/4/2016 4:51:45 AM

thank you

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