Brown mole on thumb


What does it mean if a girl has brown mole on third knuckle of her right hand's thumb.
Plz reply.
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"It's second knuckle of thumb"
Plz also reply about my nephew's question whose DOB is 17.10.1996 Time of Birth 7:45PM (PST) He's doing BS Aviation N want to be a commercial pilot. Will he succeed?plz predict about this.
She is family-oriented. Once she get married, she place the family in the first place. She usually thinks more about her family members when doing thing.
Thank You So Very Much!!!one more thing I wanna ask does it has the same meaning if
She's a mole on the uppermost phalange of right hand thumb.plz make it clear,it's a request🙏I hope You'll nt mind
It indicates she could get protection from father. Also, it indicates she is decisive, strong-minded, even block-headed and commit mistakes repeatedly.

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