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I have an ex boyfriend who is a rabbit born in 7 Feb 1988. We broke up last September. It was because we are both strong headed none of us wants to compromise. As for me I don't mind compromise if he compromise. I'm actually prideful so I feel defeated if I love him more than I do. However, I am very straightforward, I love him and really possessive of him. I don't like him not being considerate to me by still going out with his female friend just the two of them and he still can be touchy with his female friends (which i think he should considerate my feeling) and give me more love and attention. Further, we broke up and I still love him so much. Even after he rejected me, later on on 9 Dec 2016 -11 Dec 2016 we will meet each other for a friend's wedding in Malaysia (i have to fly from Jakarta to Singapore first). I am wondering if under this sign is it still good to pursue the relationship, to make reconcilement I don't know what to do to make this rabbit man change his mind. Like any restriction of time for me to talk abt fixing our relationship, or any lucky color or whatever can make us be together again. He is so easy to let me go like no fighting spirit at all which I don't like but I love the man himself despite that thing. Thank you.

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Hi Cynicks89,

After knowing your story, I don't think he is a good and right boyfriend to you. If your broken up is not due to your mistake, why compromise to him? If you compromise for the first time, after you being together again, there will be the second and more times compromise for you because you love him more than he loves you. This kind of love will make you tired in the future. I think you should try ways to get to know if he still loves you. If he doesn't care you at all, why try to be together with him again?

Of course, there are things that could bring you good luck in love such as the rose quartz or amethyst. But I don't think it will take effects if you are not fit each other.
Hi Isabella, yes I think that what I have to do. I didn't have a proper break up maybe that's why I need to double check if he really is saying not so that I look good and he is the pitiful side. If his reason is because he thinks of me like financially and career wise i am far above him, and he always say i deserve someone better. If that is the case then maybe I wanna compromise bcause this person is so confusing, like for example you were throwing manipulative statement like, maybe you are cheating with someone now, even if he isn't he will say yes.. or if u say maybe because u don't miss me he will say yes. He will never deny any accusations... confusing right... that's why i need to see with my own eyes when i meet him later. If i can mend it then I will need something advisable to help me rekindle it. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Really thank you for the rose quartz or amethyst thing even if i don't know what to do with them. Thanks n God bless :-)

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