boss fire dragon


hi there,
is there any chance that u can calm down a boss that is fire dragon.
since she came seems that we are all idiots.
i work directly with her. she looks and acts like fire is all around her.
i am affraid of her. i cant even open my mouth....
i am an earth horse.
is there anything that i can wear or do so she will be more calm or i become invisible?

thank you very much


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Fire-type people are highly outgoing, enthusiastic, excited, very efficient, and explosive and they walk as if on wings. However, they tend to be impatient, short-tempered, proud, aggressive and vainglorious, and often argue and talk exaggeratedly. They talk frankly, confidently, exaggeratedly and arrogantly in lack of analysis, and often interrupt others; also, they talk fast and loud, even like a great bell when they are angry.

In fact, there is no problem between your element and his. Fire generates Earth and Dragon and Horse could be compatible. If you could, try to communicate more with her after work. You may become good friend. You can wear blue or black color clothes to calm her as these colors stands for water which could control fire.

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