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If my bed faces the bathroom door, but is not directly in line with it, is that ok? Also, the headboard would be in the West. Some places I have read that it is bad for the head to be west, and some say it is Ok. Please advise if it is ok for the head to be in the west side of the bedroom (facing the east side), and facing the bathroom.

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Hi Fazilee Buechel,

According to scientific analysis, the earth revolves on its axis from east to west; if your head faces the west or east, the blood will always rush to the head and you cannot sleep peacefully, so the bed shall be placed in north-south direction and you can sleep with south-facing head and north-facing feet to avoid geomagnetic interference.

The bad effect of bed facing the bathroom door but not directly in line with it is smaller than directly facing. But you should also close the bathroom door often in order to block the bad Qi flowing into your bed room.

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