Hello thank your back again :D

Can you tell may Bazi and meaning?

DOB -> July 27, 1986, 3:26 am GMT+8

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Hi GoldenJay,

Check this from your desktop please. From mobile, it will be in disorder.

Year 1986 Month July Date 27 Time 3:26 am
Bazi: Bing Yin Yi Wei Ren Shen Ren Yin
Elements: Fire Wood Wood Earth Water Metal Water Wood
You are Fire Tiger in Chinese Astrology. Your Day Master is Water and you were born in the summer. There are a metal, three wood, two water, a fire and an earth in your Bazi. You should have more metals to bring you good luck and avoid too much wood. Such as White, Apricot, Golden are metal colors. You'd better use these colors more for you in life. Cyan and green are wood colors, you should avoid these colors.

At the age of 26, 29, 33, 39, 49, 66, you should watch out more as you are not lucky enough.

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