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Hi, just want to ask i was born july 9, 1994 year of wood dog.. Am i gonna be lucky for the upcoming year 2017 especially in career..??

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Hi cha,

In 2017, the earthly branch 'Xu' (戌) of you people born in 1994 under the animal sign of Dog will harm the earthly branch 'You' (酉) of Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter), which means you will easily have conflicts with others in work, leading to the unsmooth work in the whole year, or you will easily offend others because of your unintentional words. Fortunately, you will be blessed by the auspicious stars 'Tai Yang' (Sun太阳) and 'Tian Yi' (天乙) to avoid the ill luck created by harming the Taisui, improve your luck for career and solve the problems and obstacles in work. In addition, the blessing of the auspicious star 'Tian Kong' (Sky天空) will benefit you engaged in innovation and creation jobs a lot in terms of new ideas.

The auspicious star 'Tai Yang' will be very beneficial for the work related with males born in 1994, such as computer, electronic product, car, men's wear and other businesses mainly serving for male customers. Besides, your subordinates will be very capable in this year and you may give them more authority, which can train them and make you not so tired. Due to the adverse affection of the inauspicious star 'Hui Qi' and harming the Taisui, you may suffer from the negative influence of colleague or customers' unreasonable or exorbitant demand, or uncooperative attitude but you will be helped by others because of the blessing of the auspicious star 'Tian Yi'. You female Dogs will get significantly improved career development with the help of male colleagues but you should keep a certain distance with them as you are blessed by the auspicious star in charge of people's luck with the opposite sex, and you should never act impetuously, or your work and career will be affected.

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