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Is it compulsory to have a issue in life if health line wavy or broken ?

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Hey Jatin Arora,

The wavy health line warns you of potential health problems in digestive system and a decline of liver or gall bladder function. There is a high chance for you to suffer from gastrointestinal disorder.

The broken health line shows that the function of digestive system of you is declining. If the lines are terraced, the situation would be worse.
The remedy to gastric problems is to eat lots of plain Greek yogurt ( but not the ones loaded with sugar already in many markets ) or make your own ( Google the recipe ) Now if u give me your Year Month Day and Hour ( if available ) of birth ... then I can find what specific food u should eat more and what to avoid to maintain your health for a long time despite your weak wavy life lines...Amen and Namaste ... ??? LOL
Ok my date is 1997 -16-08

And day is saturday and time is between 1 to 1:30 pm

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