a red dot appaired in my palm. I wonder if it means anything?


A few weeks ago, I noticed a red dot had appared exctly where my fate-line and head-line meets.
I do have a little bit of rash betweeh my fingers and sometimes small blemishes, but this was not a blemish, and it is not in the same area as where my skin is affected.
The position is very odd and I can't help noticing it.
Anyone who knows if it has any meaning or is just pure coincidence? It is in my left hand and I'm left handed.

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Does it itch or ache? Does it become larger or smaller? If it becomes small later, there will be no big problem. If it changes to be big every day, it may belongs to skin sensibility. Better go to the doctor to check.

There is no relation with your fortune.
Thank you very much ! This was the answer I was hoping for :)

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