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    2017 Chinese Horoscope for Dragon
    * The prediction is valid for 2017 starting from January 28, 2017 and lasting to February 15, 2018.
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    Entering into 2017 which is the year of the Fire Rooster 'Ding You' (丁酉), you Dragon people will have significantly improved fortune and you may get great development in both love and career since rooster and dragon are compatible with each other in Chinese zodiac; you Dragons will be bound to have good fortune in 2017. During the year, you should try to expand your vision as far as possible and never limit your activities within a small scope but take a broad view to seize more opportunities. In 2017, you will be blessed by two auspicious stars, namely Longde (龙德) and Ziwei (紫薇), which suggests that you will have good fortune in both career and wealth. However, you should beware that you will be affected by the inauspicious stars like Posui (破碎), thus easy to provoke villains, so you should pay special attention to it and never act on impulse to meddle in others' business, or you will be in troubles. Read more about Dragon Horoscope 2017 Predictions.
    2016 Chinese Horoscope for Dragon
    * The prediction is valid for 2016 starting from February 8, 2016 and lasting to January 27, 2017.
    2016 (year of the Monkey) will be a smooth year in general for the people with the Chinese zodiac sign of Dragon. If you could grasp good chances, you are able to accomplish much. During the year, you usually could get recognition in work and are expected to get promotion with salary increase. If you do jobs like firemen, policemen, customs officials and those in management hierarchy, the year will favor you much. You could make a splendid result with your subordinates. However, you are destined to encounter many difficulties in 2016. So, you should also be prepared for the challenge. Besides, pay much attention about personal relationship and avoid contacting with those ill-tempered and unreasonable women are very important. Believe that you can head off all the danger if you could stay calm in face of disasters during the year. Read more about Dragon Horoscope 2017 Predictions.

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    Dragon Horoscope

    Dragon, the fifth animal sign in Chinese zodiac, corresponds to the earthly branch Chen (辰) and belongs to Earth (土) in five elements. In traditional Chinese culture, Dragon is a symbol of imperial power and represents dignity and honor, also marks fortune and success. In ancient Chinese mythology, both Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor were the sons of dragon; as the descendants of Yellow Emperor and Yan Emperor, Chinese people are undoubtedly the descendants of Dragon.

    Lifelong Fate
    Born in the year of Dragon, you are ambitious and creative. Males are vigorous while females are confident and passionate. Generally, you tend to have good luck in life: in youth, you may fail easily because of your stubbornness, just as the saying goes: ''if the old dog barks, he gives counsel''; in middle age, you should behave properly to improve your character and take preventive measures for everything; in old age, you might do as you wish without overstepping the line.

    Lifelong Luck in Money Making
    Born with the good luck for windfalls, you will get a windfall easily and you think that money is just a means of realizing your dream rather than the most important thing in life.
    Performance in Wealth
    1. You are brilliant and often get advice and guidance from the benefactors. With quite good luck for windfalls, you will get a windfall easily.
    2. When others give up, you can still insist on until a new opportunity comes and accumulate your wealth in the continuous efforts.
    3. You can seize the opportunity to realize your aspirations. Despite the substantial income, you also have many corresponding expenditures and need to consume in a planned way.
    How to Improve Wealth?
    Lucky Direction for Work Income: Northwest
    Lucky Direction for Windfalls: North
    In daily life, you are suggested to wear or place Rooster, Monkey or Rat mascots on your table. Also, you’d better often touch the lucky zodiac item you wear which could help improve your luck in making money to a certain degree. The Dog or Rabbit item should be avoided in your life. If possible, you’d better try to find opportunities of making a fortune in northwest or north direction.

    Lifelong Fortune in Career
    You people under the Dragon sign are optimistic, tenacious and adaptable and you can always wait for the opportunities confidently and make arduous efforts to realize your dreams.
    Performance in Career
    1. You are adaptable and like the busy and changeful life and have a keen sensibility on industry trends.
    2. When you strive for your dreams, you are very passionate and always keep an optimistic attitude even if the road ahead is full of twists and turns.
    3. With a high self-esteem and as an idealist, you are in pursuit of perfection for everything and very strict to yourself and others.
    How to Improve Career Fortune?
    Wanting to make success in career? You’d better communicate and get along more with the people under the Rooster, Monkey or Rat sign in order to get help from them thus make your career rise steadily. The Wenchang Star (the God of Literature) blessing you is in the southwest. So, you’d better place a Feng Shui furnishing article in this direction if you want everything goes well and wish to get promoted to a higher position.

    Lifelong Fortune in Love
    You Dragons tend to have a colorful love life and rarely worry about love affairs. Being very charming, you have numerous suitors around but will be more likely to marry at a mature age although you have a lot of chances to marry.
    Performance in Love
    1. Being talented, you always take the initiative to purse the one you love and have many admirers around.
    2. The one who falls in love or gets married with you must be tolerant enough to maintain the relationship and always praise you.
    3. You male Dragons have a strong self-esteem and will be nervous with the one you love because you are afraid of getting hurt or hurt the other.
    4. You female Dragons are thoughtful and gentle to your lover and always live a happy marriage life. However, you are born to be overbearing and capricious, thus may be disgruntled sometimes.
    How to Enjoy Happy Marriage?
    Since Dragon and Rooster are in one of the six compatible groups (Liu He 六合), the most perfect match will be a person under the Rooster sign for the Dragon. Besides, Dragon, Monkey and Rat are in one of the four compatible zodiac groups (San He 三合), so people under the Monkey or Rat sign are the favorable match to you. However, you Dragons conflict with Dog people and harm the Rabbit people, therefore, if your partner is under Dog or Rabbit sign, you will have many quarrels and problems thus can hardly have a lifelong marriage. In addition, the lucky direction for you in love is west. You may place a suitable Feng Shui item in this direction for a better luck with the opposite sex.  

    You Dragons are vigorous, strong, healthy and full of energy no matter what you do; you seldom get sick but may get hurt accidentally due to your active nature. Therefore, you should pay attention to safety while going out to prevent the accident; at ordinary times, you should avoid fire wound and burn. Since Dragon belongs to earth in five elements while earth symbolizes the spleen and stomach in human body, you will be prone to stomach diseases and should pay attention to your daily diet.

    Taboos in Daily Life
    1. Never wear the Dog shaped jewelry.
    2. Avoid staying with people under Dog or Rabbit sign.
    3. Avoid keeping dogs or rabbits in your house.
    4. Do not place your bed in the west or northwest direction.
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