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    The life line is one of the three major lines (the other two are head line and heart line) in palm reading. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb. You can find its exact location from the right picture.
    Most of the people may think the line is used to see the length of one's life. It's a partial understanding. In fact, it mainly reflects a person's physical vitality and life energy. Also, it shows if one will have accidents or serious illnesses during the whole life.


    No Life Line: If other lines of your palm are clear and only the life line is absent, it's not a good sign. It indicates a poor health and a short life. You are easy to get sick or have accidents during the whole life.
    ● A long, deep, tender and rosy life line stands for that you are highly resistant to disease. On the contrary, the short life line shows you are susceptible to illness.

    ● A thick and clear life line indicates that you are suited to a life of physical labor and are good at sports. Conversely, a shallow and vague line shows that you are good at using mind.

    ● A swooping semicircular life line around the base of the thumb shows that you are full of vigor and energy. On the contrary, if the line is cramped that sticks close to the thumb straightly, it predicts that you have limited energy and are easy to get tired. (Fig 1)

    Doubled: If you have a secondary line running parallel with the life line, it shows you have a very strong vitality. Especially, you have a strong resistance to disease and self recovery ability after illness. (Fig 2)

    Chained: A chained life line indicates that you were born with poor health. You will suffer from shattered health especially has a weak digestive system. (Fig 3)

    Island: If there is an island on the life line, it indicates the illness, accident or hospitalization in a certain time. The size of the island shows the severity and duration of the disease. (Fig 4)



    A broken life line represents an unexpected accident, danger, disaster or illness during the life. The greater the interval is, the longer the illness will last. 

    ● If the two broken parts overlap, you could recover although getting a serious illness. The overlapping length shows the recovery time.  (Fig 5)

    ● If there is a short line parallel with the broken life line, either above or below the life line (Fig 6 and 7) or a square connecting the two parts, you usually can turn danger into safety and fully recover although suffer serious disease. (Fig 8)


    Branches, Forks and Tassels

    ● If there is an upward branch above the life line, it shows you are diligent, optimistic, positive and have a strong thirst for knowledge. You could get a fame and prestige during the life; (Fig 9)
    ● If there are many upward branches, it shows you are ambitious and have lofty ideals. But too many such lines show you are a dreamer and end up nowhere because you couldn’t keep feet on the ground; (Fig 10)
    ● If there are many downward branches at the end of life line, it indicates your physical condition is declining. Also, you may always feel tired and lonely; (Fig 11)
    ● If there are diagonals crossing the end of life line, it means you will be suffered from disease during the later year; (Fig 12)
    ● A clear branch downward split from the middle part of life line means you are easy to separate with your families and live apart. (Fig 13)
    ● For the life line ends in a fork, it means you are busy and stateless during the middle and late year. If you choose to develop your career outside, you can make some achievement; (Fig 14)

    Tassels: Tassels at the starting of the life line indicates a lonely life during the old age because there are no children around. (Fig 15)


    Cross, Short Lines Cutting the Life Line and Stars

    Cross or Short Lines Cutting the Life Line
    Crossings on the life line or clear short lines cutting across the life line shows you would have unexpected dangers, illness or suffer mishaps during your life. The more clearer the cross is or the short lines are, the situation is worse to you.  (Fig 16)


    Many Short Lines Cutting the Life Line
    If there are many lines crossing through the life line, it shows that you usually have too much worries, have a poor health condition or meet countless difficulties during the life. (Fig 17)


    A star is composed of three short lines, if it appears on the life line, it indicts illness. If the star appears on your broken life line, you should avoid suffering from serious illness suddenly.  


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