When am i likely to deliver?


My monthly period started on 20th of march and lasted 3 days. then in April i found out am pregnant. when am i likely to deliver and what could be the gender of my baby?

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You has got pregnant for 241 days. You will deliver around Dec.25. There will be 39 days left to your expected date of childbirth.

I need to know your date of birth to help you check the baby's gender.
24th September 1988 is my birth date.
You may get a baby girl.
what can one do to reduce labor pain.
Having a baby is hard work. When you fear pain, try to stay relaxed. If you tense up, it will make the pain worse. Pay attention to your breathing is also very important.

Some other ways to handle pain during labor include:
changing position
taking a bath or shower
listening to music
distracting yourself by counting or performing an activity that keeps your mind otherwise occupied

For me, I think distracting yourself by counting is a very good way that helps me reduce the pain.

Thanks very much
what causes acne and what does it mean?
What causes acne and what does it mean in pregnancy. it is all over my neck and face but they are very tiny
yes your predictions were right, i was blessed with a baby girl.
Congratulations! Pray for the baby, I wish the healthy growth of baby!

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