Want baby boy. pls, give advise


my date of birth is 24th July 1986. My last date period is 6th December 2017 and normal 33-35 days of cycle. can you give advise to conceive baby boy.

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Hi Soya sam,

According to Chinese gender chart, there is no good time for you to conceive baby boy in rest of 2017. In 2018, if you find your first day of menstrual period occurs during one of the following time, it's good for you to try on your ovulation date after the period for baby boy:

Jan 17 - Feb 15 (32 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)
Mar 17 - Apr 15 (33 lunar years old, 2nd lunar month)
May 15 - Jun 13 (33 lunar years old, 4th lunar month)
Sep 10 - Oct 08 (33 lunar years old, 8th lunar month)
Hi Rose
Thank you for the reply. I have gone through "Baby Gender Selection Calender" in this same site and got result almost matching with your reply but in the different way.It shows the same dates with quote, "You are likely to get a baby boy if you conceive in 2018 during the following highlighted dates in the calendar".But you told if first day of menstrual period occurs during one of the above time, I have more chance of getting boy baby. Let me ask a doubt, if my period is occurring on 14th Feb 2018, then as per your reply I have chance to get boy baby if conceive on next ovulation date but as per calender, i have no chance to get baby boy if I conceive on next ovulation date. Which one I should follow to get baby boy.kindly clarify my doubt. My first baby is a girl hence our family strongly desire to have a boy baby.
Hi Rose..
During my first regeneracy time, Last period date was on 23rd Feb 2012 ,usually cycle is 33-35 days. As per Chinese Gender Prediction Calculator, it showed me baby boy but i got baby girl and now she is 5 years. Why the calculator has given me wrong result?
The Chinese gender chart regards the first day of last menstrual period as the conception date. So, if you period first date is on 14th Feb 2018, you have chance to get baby boy if conceive ovulation date after the period.

The accuracy of Chinese gender chart is much higher than other free gender prediction tools online but it couldn't be higher than that of the ultrasound scanning. It's proved that the accuracy for the chart is about 70%. However, there is no scientific basis to the Chinese birth chart. So, you'd better use it carefully and better take the prediction result with a grain of salt.
Hi Rose,
Thank you very much for clarifying my doubts...

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