Somebody stole my laptop

Asked by ***s | 2/10/2016 6:49:25 AM

I dreamt that i was inside the church, no ongoing mass but there are some people there, they were just talking in low voices, i began to open my laptop & checked something, i saw a father with his 2 children, a boy & a girl, coming inside the church, they sat behind me, i removed the plastic protector of my laptop & throw it outside the church, it didnt take time, when i came back, everybody were gone inside the church & my laptop was gone also, i went back outside again because there were some people there, when i tried to ask them for help, no voice was coming out from me, what does it mean?

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M*** 2/10/2016 9:54:26 AM

In general, laptop stolen by someone usually indicates your wealth luck will be general recently. Although there are many chances of earning money, you also may suffer money losses because you don't make good preparations.

For different kind of persons, this kind of dream has different meanings. I'm not sure if you are male or female. Also your age? Single or not? Work for company or have your own business? If you could offer me these kind of information, I could offer you more information about the dream.

M***s 2/10/2016 7:44:08 PM

I am 44 yrs old, female, works as staff nurse in hospital, i am a single mother, thanks for your reply

M*** 2/14/2016 6:09:38 AM

Hi Marites,

It's a sign of up-and-down fortune. You need to control your mood and don't haggle over every ounce when meeting things. In addition, it reflects you pay much attention on individual privacy and would not like to share your feelings with other. You are suggested to cherish the present people.

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