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i would like to receive the prediction for me for the year 2017. i am a wood pig born in 1959

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Hi silvia,

For the Wood Pig born in 1959. In 2017, your health condition will be mainly good. You could enjoy a high spirit. But never stay at home for a long time during a day. Go out for walk everyday will be much better for your health. If you have high blood pressure, you should especially pay attention to it.

In career, you maily have no blocks. In addition you can get help from others and have a good realtionship with your partners which enable you have a big development in career.

As you devote too much time in career, you may neglect your partner in life. So, you may have misunderstandings affecting your love. If you are single, it's a good year for you to get married.

In terms of wealth, it's avererage. You are easy to lose money due to some unexpected disaster. You should avoid investing and make a good financial plan to avoid the money lost.

Just for your reference.

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