Please Help I'm having confusion


My Full Name: Hussain Mohammad Faisal
My Date Of Birth: 8th October 1993 (WATER ROOSTER)

Her Name: Bonna
Her Date of Birth: 27th July 2000 (METAL DRAGON)

I know according to Chinese Astrology we are perfect for each other but Western Astrology and Numerology say's "Hard Work" needed to make this relationship successful.

My Question is: According to Western Astrology and Numerology are we compatible with each other?

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You are Libra and she is Leo sign in Western Astrology. You can get 81 score for the match. It's not bad.

Both Leo and Libra belong to the masculine sign, so you are a congenial pair needing for and relying on each other. Both of you are good at "acting", just like an inborn star and a noble being. It can be said that the Libra is the best audience of Leo on the stage of life. Since the Libra is gentle and elegant, he/she always show due respect for Leo and make him/her very special in the crowd while the Leo in turn loves being admired and spoiled and appreciates Libra's uniqueness. You keep in step with each other and are very popular among others. Both of you love the lively parties and have the similar values and life attitudes. As long as the Libra could share with Leo the leisure activities he/she loves, you can live a sweet and harmonious life together!

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