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Hi so im trying to conceive a baby boy this around the end of January 2018 and I know the chart says conceiving in January will give me a girl but when i type it into your gender predictor it says a boy so Im a little confused. The reason im so complicated is because im also trying to make sure its a baby boy born under the Libra sign lol any answers or suggestions? My birthday is Julu 30 1988 btw. Thanks 😊

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Hi Angel Hood,

I think you calculate your age in the wrong way. The chart is based on your Chinese lunar age which is one or two years older than your actual age.

According to the Chinese Gender Chart, in 2018 you will get a baby boy if you get pregnant and your last menstrual period first date occurs during one of the following periods:
Jan 1 - Jan 16 (30 lunar years old, the 11th Chinese lunar month)
Jan 17 - Feb 15 (30 lunar years old, the 12th Chinese lunar month)
Feb 16 - Mar 16 (31 lunar years old, the 1st Chinese lunar month)
Apr 16 - May 14 (31 lunar years old, the 3rd Chinese lunar month)
Ok thank you so much for helping me out!!! 😃
So just to clarify if i were to conceive within this week (jan 16th 2018-jan 20th 2018) and my birthdays july 30th 1988, i would have a baby boy?
When was your last menstrual period first date?

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