Mystic cross


I have exactly three of them. Theyre spaced about the same distance from eachother, each between the head line and the heart line. I also have them below my ring finger and middle finger. I have a bunch of lines under my pinky. What does this mean?

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Hi Breanna ford,

The crosses between the head line and the heart line at the palm center are called inspiration lines or mystic crosses or sixth sense lines. If you have the cross or sign, you will have a good sixth sense of predication and the scenes in your dream will always come true. You are talented, ambitious and insightful, have a religious belief and you are enthusiastic about medicine, astrology and fortune telling.

The cross below the middle finger indicates you are talented in many aspects, efficient in both brainy and brawny activities and adaptable, thus a versatile talent. Also, you are very popular and widely loved by others.

The cross below the ring finger implies that you are helpful, very popular among the opposite sex and interested in public welfare activities; you may easily get wealth due to the help of the opposite sex and have good luck in windfalls.

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