Manipulative Narcissist?


I know this isn't much of a question, but I just really wanna say this...

I've seen a lot of people giving Monkey and Rat people a bad rap due to their "manipulative" behaviours. Some people even going as far as to labeling them as narcissists because of, not just their manipulative sides, but also their selfishness, cockiness, and lack of empathy.

But I feel like people misinterpret what being a true narcissist is. They're not just arrogant, lying jerks who boast about themselves and manipulate others to get what they want. They're also emotionally as manipulative as well.

Sure the monkey and rat are manipulative, but never to this level. And only use their manipulation to gain material and superficial things. Like money or luxury. Besides, these signs are also not well known for having empathy either. Which is ALSO a required trait to be a successful emotional manipulator.

If anything, it's mostly the animals within the fourth trine who are good at emotional manipulation. The goat, rabbit and pig. With the 3 of them using their sensitivity, empathy, and innocence to try to play the victim and make others either give them undesired pity or blindly jump to their side.

The dog, despite being in a different trine, is also somewhat good at this too. Using their harsh criticisms to guilt trip their victims into oblivion until they finally succumb to their needs.

Despite all of this, I'm not trying to say that Goat, Pig, Rabbit, and Dog people are bad. I just wanna get it out there that the monkey and rat people are not the worst manipulators out there. And there are other signs who are much more worse when it comes to manipulation than the monkey and rat could ever do. You just gotta look deeper.

And if you were born into the goat, rabbit dog, or pig, or have one of them in you 4 pillars, then don't be scared that you'll become a manipulator yourself. You just gotta keep yourself in check.

Anyway, not really looking for a generic answer. Just wanna hear your thought on this. Whether you agree of not. This is just speculation after all.

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