Asked by L***o | 7/6/2018 10:41:13 PM

I am unmarried but in complicated relation. I had a dream that I was with our official people returning back from office and on the way i meet the king and he was drunk, he wanted to go with us in our vehicle, he was praising me too much about my beauty and everything... he was in mood for romance and he was also doing full romance with me in vehicle, suddenly we (king, myself and queen) were in flower garden, king was talking against me in front of queen, but apologizing me for saying all those things.
Want to know what it really mean??

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l***y 7/8/2018 7:22:23 PM

Hi Lemo,

This dream indicats the love relationship you have now will be ended at last. It reminds you to stop it as soon as possible or the result will be terrible.

L***o 7/8/2018 8:50:53 PM

Y is it, instead of ending up the relationship can i have a solution to protect our relationship? n yeah today i had a dream where horse is coming towards me to help me, what does this indicates for

l***y 7/9/2018 11:01:52 PM

Hi Lemo,

The horse dream indicates you will be smooth recently and there is no ups and downs for you. In career, you will have some achivements.

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