is conceiving on 29 march 2017 auspicious


I want to conceive a baby boy. Is march 29 2017 auspicious. Should intercourse be done at night. what is the auspicious time

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March 29 is neither auspicious nor inauspicious for conceiving a baby boy. It is an average day but clashes people under the Rooster sign. The auspicious time on this day include:23:00-00:59; 03:00-04:59; 05:00-06:59; 11:00-12:59; 13:00-14:59; 15:00-16:59.

Please note time above is Beijing Time and you need to convert it into your local time zone.

In April, the auspicious dates to conceive a baby boy include:

2nd (Clash Ox), 7th (Clash Horse), 12th (Clash Pig), 15th (Clash Tiger), 16th (Clash Rabbit), 19th (Clash Horse), 22nd (Clash Rooster), 25th (Clash Rat), 27th (Clash Tiger), 28th (Clash Rabbit)

Good luck

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