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According to my fire horse sign prediction I might have immigration in dog year 2018. How far is it possible? If it is going to happen -
what will be the time of immigration?
Which will be the country of immigration?
Date of birth- 29 November 1966
Place of birth- Barisal, Bangladesh

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Hi prim rizvi,

You have a good luck to go abroad or work abroad. Also, you may have immigration in year of 2018. The immigration may happen during Chinese lunar January (Feb.16-Mar. 16 in Gregorian calendar), June (July-13-Aug. 10) or July (Aug. 11-Sep.9). You may move to one of the South-Asia countries.
About my possible immigration can you please specify the name of the country?
My DoB- 29 November 1966
PoB- Barisal, Bangladesh
I have learnt that I have immigration possibility in the coming dog year 2018. How far is it true? If it is true, please let me know specifically the time and country of my immigration.
You said, I have possibility to move to any south asian country. I from a south asian country. So far my knowledge goes, no south asian country allows immigration these days. Will you please check again is it exactly south asian or south east asian or central asian or any other country?

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