I want to know my wealth and luck born 28.2.1969


I want to know my wealth,finance and opportunity in future. Do I have a luck to become rich and an important person for future. My dream is to have an opportunity to work outside country especially work in west country.

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Do you know your exact birth time?
My exact time of birth is 12.09 am. 28/02/69
Hi Zamry,

From your Bazi, you are good at making money but don't like to earn money only by work. What's your advantage is to use money to earn more money. At present, you may not find your finianl luck. But in the future, you will find you are good at investing and start your own business at your place. You could accumulate a great wealth with your effort. You have few opportunity to work outside country.

BTW, your shortcomings are easy to make simple things to be complicated. Also, you are stubbon. You are suggested to broaden your mind and don't to be too persistent. To take a step back could gain more.

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