i want to know my financial remedies in my dob


i born in 10july1985@07:30am, i am in financial problem and not get any job till. i want to know my remedies of that and gemstone of that.

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Chinese astrology prediction shows for you Ox born in 1985, the fortune is bad in 2015. It will turn to be good in 2016. So, don't be upset.

The gemstone that could bring good luck to you is wine red garnet. A garnet bracelet with an Ox sign or Rat, Snake, Rooster sign will help you to drive away the bad luck.

Thank a lot for giving your valuable. But what happened when i wear a wine red garnet after. I will or will not occur health problems or deep financial problems or not? can you clarify my question? and when i wear that garnet, then suddenly i should get some money or job is it possible or not? please check again and confirm that for.
Check it again as my completed details master
DOB:10-July-1985 Time:07:30 AM
City:Vinukonda, Andhrapradesh. (INDIA)
Coordinations: 79 E 47, 16 N 04 (GMT+5.30).
Tell me my Life time stone and wealth stone. I worn yellow sapphire in Nov2015 then my old skin disease came to my skin. can you clarify how is the problem and what happened your suggestion stone it will effect or not?
Hi Satyanarayana,

As far as I know Garnet is good for a person's skin and will be helpful to your health. Also, the Garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. Many people in Chinese wear the garnet bracelet with the hope to bring good luck in wealth and health. No one could make sure it could let you get some money or job once you wear it. I think if it's not too expensive, why not buy one to have a try.
why i am trying to wear other stones and why i am wearing a stone is mandatory? is there any other remedies for financial and foreign job.

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