I want baby girl, Desperately pls help


My name is Komal Ahire (Mumbai) My DOB - 20th Nov 1990 please explain me the full procedure m confused not understand ur calender. I want baby girl please help pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ....

i am very confused this calender is seriously correct or working ? so that i can plan for my baby girl.

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Hi Kahire,

You are 28 year old in 2017 based on the Chinese lunar calendar. If you get pregnant and your last period first date is during one of the following periods, you have more chances to get baby girl according to the Chinese Gender Chart.

Feb 26 - Mar 27 (the 2nd lunar month)
Apr 26 - May 25 (the 4th lunar month)
May 26 - Jun 23 (the 5th lunar month)
Jun 24 - Jul 22 (the 6th lunar month)
Jul 23 - Aug 06 (Leap 6th lunar month. First half of lunar leap 6th month will be counted as the 6th lunar month.)
Dec 18 - Dec 31 (the 11th lunar month)

So, if you find your menstrual period occurs during the suggested time range, you'd better try after it two days before the ovulation.
Thank You soo much...

Are you sure itss working???? m sorry but

means before july my last period 1st date means is baby girl correct.

Yes, you are correct. This could only increase the chance for you to conceive baby girl. No one could make sure it will work.

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