i am involed with 4 guy , want to know if this guy are match to me


I girl march 29 1989

4 guys are:

1. November 9 1969
2. March 23 1977
3. april 15, 1981
4. i dont know but he is water rat

want to know is wo is the very much to me

2 Answer(s)

You are Earth Snake.

4 guys:
1. November 9 1969: Earth Rooster
2. March 23 1977: Fire Snake
3. April 15, 1981: Metal Rooster
4. Water Rat

The first Three guys are all OK to you. For the best two compatible ones with you in love are the first and the third one as Rooster and Snake are the best match. But I think in terms of the age, you should choose the third one.
how is the longlasting or married relationship of earth snake and earth rooster.... ?
and of metal rooster

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