Iam Upasana Joshi

My Dob is 10th oct 1987
time 3.30 pm
Place Is himatnagar gujarat
Let me know when ill get married and it will b love or arrange marriage

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Hi upasana joshi,

You will have arranged marriage. Possible years for you to get married are 2018, 2019, 2020,2026 or 2027.

You are usually attracted by the opposite sex but you are always beset by love affairs. It's good for you to get married late and you need to learn to communicate with your future partner after marriage. Or, your marriage life will not be good.
Thanks for your reply ...

but all say my marriage won't get happened n ill b lonely is it so ??
and plz tel me how my life partner will be... by nature n overall .
Hi upasana joshi,

Your life partner will be a stubborn,while kind-hearted, patient, careful, suspicious and mysterious person.
ok thank you so much for your response
i would also like to know abt how much i will work as iam not stable in my job n searching for same with the help of one of my friend.

when my all problems will get resolved i remain too much tensed and depressed.
Hi upasana joshi,

In 2017, you under the Rabbit sign is in conflict with Tai Sui which makes you have unstable luck and setbacks. Fortunately, in 2018 which is the year of Wood Dog, you will have quite stable luck and be blessed by several powerful auspicious stars, making you dispel the clouds and see the sun.

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