What will be my fate?
My date of birth is 23 june 1994. Time is 6:00 am and place of birth is Gujranwala Punjab, Pakistan

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Hi khola javaid,

You are Wood Dog in Chinese astrology. You have the favorable luck in making money in the whole life. You could become rich due to your hard work and thrift in youth and you could enjoy the easy and carefree life in later years. You don't like extravagance and waste rather than living a simple life.

In work, you are persistent. You always try to finish what you decide to do no matter what difficulties you may encounter. You can give your potential into full play if you take the work which requires patience and persistence. Also, you can gain a lot of life experience from work. You will have a good luck in work and career during the age of 35 - 55.

When it comes to love, you are frank and honest and always express your feelings tirelessly, which may make the other at a loss. You may have an arranged marriage at last and the marriage life will be smooth.

As your favorite birth element is earth, you lucky direction is south. You should avoid the north and northeast direction. Red and yellow are your lucky colors. Green and black should be avoided. If you could do the work related to earth such as agriculture field, that's better for your future development.

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