I have in both hands between heartline and headline a cross
In the left hand I have 2 crosses and on the right hand I have 1 cross.

Cann you tell me what this mean?

Thank you

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Are the crosses located in the center of the palm between the heart line and headline ?
Yes the crosses located in the midle of the Palm between the heartline and the headline

I have also a triangle in the middle of the palm,between headline,heartline and mercuryline.

I have also a triangle between the headline,lifeline,and mercuryline.
I have also 2 crosses under the Jupiterfinger.

Thank you,
Hi eleonor,

The cross between the head line and heart line at the palm center is called inspiration line or mystic cross or sixth sense line. This shows you are talented, ambitious and insightful, have a religious belief and you are enthusiastic about medicine, astrology and fortune telling. You usually have a good sixth sense of predication and the scenes in your dream will always come true.

The crosses under the Jupiter finger indicate you are easy-going and have a keen eye on talents; you will get help from your lover, friends, subordinates or brothers and sisters in career and enjoy the happy and warm family life.

The triangle between the headline,lifeline and mercury line show you could get some achievements in career especially during your middle age. In love, you could find a very good partner.

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