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Hi I am sunita my date of birth is 17 Jan 1979 my last period is 27 May 2017.I want to concieve baby girl which time and date are suitable for me. Thanks

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Hi Sunita,

If you want to have a baby girl, you don't need to abstain from sex but keep the normal frequency (e.g. once every three days) and you'd better have intercourse two days before the ovulation.

At the same time, your menstrual period should occur in one of the following periods in this year:
May 26 - June 23
September 20 - October 19
November 18 - December 17
which is the lunar age and lunar conception month tell me please. regards sunita
May 26 - Jun 23 (40 lunar years old, 5th lunar month)
Sep 20 - Oct 19 (40 lunar years old, 8th lunar month)
Nov 18 - Dec 17 (40 lunar years old, 10th lunar month)
The birth date i gave above is according to Gregorian calendar so can u please convert it into chinese lunar calendar and tell me the time and date suitable for baby girl.
In lunar calendar, the best conceiving time for you to get baby girl are:
5th lunar month (May 26 - Jun 23 in Gregorian Calendar)
8th lunar month (Sep 20 - Oct 19 in Gregorian Calendar)
10th lunar month (Nov 18 - Dec 17 in Gregorian Calendar)

Your menstrual period should occur in one of the above months.
thank u everyone.

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