Conceiving a baby boy after a miscarriage


I had a miscarriage on the 14june2016 and since then my period has been irregular and am very much in need of a baby boy. I don't know my ovulation day again,please when do I have sex in other to conceive a baby boy. My DOB is February 5 1988.

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Hi Lilian,

You need to adjust your menstrual disorders first in order to get pregnant again. The following time are good for you to conceive a baby boy in 2016 and 2017.

Nov 29 - Dec 28, 2016 (30 lunar years old, 11th lunar month)
Dec 29, 2016 - Jan 27, 2017 (30 lunar years old, 12th lunar month)
Jan 28 - Feb 25, 2017 (31 lunar years old, 1st lunar month)
Mar 28 - Apr 25, 2017 (31 lunar years old, 3rd lunar month)
Please can you send Chinese today's date and month to me for calculations thanks.

The dates I offers you outside the brackets are beased on Gregorian calendar.

Here is the Chinese calendar for your reference:
The dates with the small words are Chinese lunar date.
Today is November 1st lunar month. Please which day should I meet my hubby for the baby boy.Or should l meet him today? Thanks
Hi Lilian ezeh,

When was your last periods time? You should wait for your menstrual period which will occur during Nov 29 - Dec 28, 2016 and after it, try on your ovulation date for baby boy.

Ovulation date usually occurs 14 days back from the next menstrual period. You'd better buy ovulation prediction kits to test if your period is still not regular.
The previous one was on28th October while My last period was on the 20th November 2016 not lunar months.I don't know if it's regular or not.
When was your period in September? Your cycle length is 23 days from 28th October to 20th November. If it has the same cycle length from September to October, it's regular. I suggest you buy ovulation prediction kits to test your ovulation date.

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