can you help me to settle


Dear sir

Can you help me to settle some problem? Now I have two house.
First house: it's have lamp posts in front of my house.
second house: I build as symbols 'L' and the street run into my house. so many thank fro helping me.

Best Regards,

Na ro

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Hi Na ro,

Both of the house is not good in Feng Shui. They both harm your health and fortune in other aspects if you live in it.

The first house, it's better to hung a convex, trigram mirror or five-emperor coins at the front door as a cure.

For the second house, the L shape is not good. You'd better make the house symmetrical. For the problem of the street run into your house, you'd better have a pond and have some bushes in front as a separation. This can avoid disasters.

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