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I was born in May 20, 1985 at 7:05 A.M. When I calculate my born measure via this site, I always get the message to input the correct birthdate. I double checked and I found nothing wrong but it still doesn't work.

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Sorry, there is some problem for this date in our program, we will revise it and upload later. Thank you. This is the bone weight measure result for person born on May 20, 1985 at 7:05 A.M

For Male: Your bone weight is 3Liang 2Qian

"A life of good fortune"

Generally, you will have good fortune in the life and the most valuable is that you will enjoy good health and be full of guts. When you are young, you will suffer a lot, encounter many problems, especially in the aspect of wealth and spend a lot despite of the much money you earn. After middle age, you will settle down in career, wealth and love relationship. At this time, you need to be open to asking for advice, gain more experience and build more connections; you will make steady progression in both career and love. In particular, you will enjoy domestic peace and have filial and promising children after the age of 50.

For Female: Your bone weight is 3Liang 2Qian

"A life blessed with good luck"

With pretty good birth Ba Zi, you are blessed since birth, which means you will have good luck in all aspects and can quickly fix any problems in life. Women of this weight are generally good-looking, very smart and capable, and can bring good luck to their husband. In school years, you can be the model of good student in the eyes of elders; after taking a job, everything will go well with your own efforts as well as the help and support of your relatives and friends; your marriage can be very happy and blissful. However, you should be neither too indecisive nor too casual, or you will miss good opportunities. Of course, treat everyone around sincerely, because some of them can offer you certain help.

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