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i am using your Baby Gender Selection calendar by filling in my DOB and i got results back but they contradict the general calendar chart with Lunar Age and Lunar month. Maybe i am reading it wrong but in the Baby Gender Selection am I supposed to put the Gregorian Date or Lunar date?

My DOB is 9/20/1982 and i am hoping this time around we conceive a boy:

from the chart is says August is the next best time but in the link above the results say May 7 to June 4.

thank you.

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You are 35 lunar years old in 2016. From the chart, you could get April, August, November and December are the conception months you could get a baby boy. Theses months refer to the Chinese lunar month. Changing them into western ones, the time are:
April: May 7 - Jun 04, 2016
August: Sep 1 - Sep 30, 2016
November: Nov 29 - Dec 28, 2016
December: Dec 29, 2016 - Jan 27, 2017

This is the same result with the baby gender selection shows. You use the right date in Baby Gender Selection. Put Gregorian Date is right. I think you understand the chart wrong. The months in the chart refers to the Gregorian months.
My wife 's first date of last menses is 19 april 2016 on regular calender and date of birth is 5 aug what is the gender of baby?
My wife 's first date of last menses is 19 april 2016 on regular calender and date of birth is 5 aug what is the gender of baby?
Hi ankur,

Here is the prediction result for your baby's gender:
Her lunar conception month: March
Lunar age at the time of conception: 32
Prediction of Baby Gender: Boy
My dob is July 27 1978
Want a baby boy
Wat will be the best time .
I Want Baby Boy My Date of birth is 21st August 1984 and my Husband date of birth is 30th Sept 1974.Which Month or best time to conceive for baby boy.
Hi Coolmints,

If your last period is during the following time, you could plan to conceive for baby boy after that:
June 1- June 30
July 1- July 3
September 1- September 30
October 31- October 31
November 1- November 28
Hi deepika,

If your last period is during the following time in 2016, you could plan to conceive for a baby boy on your ovulation date after that:
May 7- May 31
June 1- June 4
September 1- September 30
December 29- December 31

Please don't completly rely on it.
I'm 21 my dob is nov. 20 1994 rain beast a girl...
Hi Jessica,

Your best conception time in 2016 for a baby girl include:
July 4- July 31
August 1- August 2
September 1- September 30
December 29- December 31
Hi deepika

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hi divya ,
i am confused about the dates because i got two different chinnese birth chart which give me different results .
so can you tell me what are the best dates for conciving with baby boy.
my birth date is 22 june 1990.
you can send the mail on my email.
Hi laxmi,
Divya here you not mentioned your email address in question. Mail your details you read in deepika's reply. Then I will clear your problem.
Hi laxmi,

In 2016 you will get a baby boy if you are conceived in the following periods:
Mar 9 - Apr 06 (the 2nd lunar month)
May 7 - Jun 04 (the 4th lunar month)
Aug 3 - Aug 31 (the 7th lunar month)
Sep 1 - Sep 30 (the 8th lunar month)
Oct 1 - Oct 30 (the 9th lunar month)
Oct 31 - Nov 28 (the 10th lunar month)
Dec 29 - Dec 31 (the 12th lunar month)

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