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Dear sir,

I have 1 daughter and want to know the conceiving months for baby boy this Year.

My DOB as per Gregorian calendar is 09 January 1989.
Requesting you to pls help me. My husband DOB is 15 Nov 1984.
My LMP was on 25th March 2018.

Can u help me in this when to conceive and I will get baby brother for my daughter.
Thanks in advance.

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In 2018, there is only one good month left for you to conceive baby boy based on the ancient Chinese Gender Chart.

Lunar Month:3rd Date Range(Gregorian Date): Apr 16 - May 14

Make sure your last period date is during Apr 16 - May 14 and try on your ovulation date after it. The chance for baby boy will be high.
Thanks Rose.

Can you tell the meaning of ' try on next ovulation date'
Cant we try daily between Apr 16 - May 14 for the boy gender.

No, you should not try daily between Apr 16 - May 14. Your menstrual period first date should be first during this period.

For example, if your next MP was on 25th April 2018, then monitor your ovulation date after it. Try on the ovulation date could increase the baby boy chance.
Apologies, but what is ovulation date plz.

I got the point that the first period date should fall under the date range you mentioned and we should tryon ovulation date, but what is that date or duration please.


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