an important the first exam in 2nd Sept 2016 and Oct 2016


Hi, my daughter is taking the first stage entry exam for a school in 2nd September 2016 and if she is graded within 300 students out of 2500 students, she will be allow to take second stage exam in one day in October 2016. She was born in 02/09/2005. Is this 2016, a good year for her education?

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Hi Sushimolly,

Your daughter under the sign of rooster will be lucky in 2016 year of the Monkey. The year favors the Rooster people much in most aspects including the fortune in exam based on the Chinese astrology. So, don't worry too much about her exam. She would be graded within 300 out of 2500 students with your blessings.
Thank you very much for the reply. I really appreciated it.

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