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i have 10 loops in all my fingers and same in both feets a total of 20 loops. i am afraid i might be the single person in the world to have this. Give the meaning of this sir plz....

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Hi Aashishyki,

The probability of a person with ten loops is 1/1024.

As you have ten loops, you are usually frank, kind and hardworking. You don't like play tricks with other. When love a person, you will love her deeply and when hate someone, you will hate him/her to the bones. You are gentle and would not like to compete with other, so you are easy to be bullied by others. You should know, if you always keep silent, it's hard for you to show off your ability. If you try effort and grasp the good chances, success will belong to you.

In marriage, you will be a gentle and model husband. It's said the person with 10 whorls and one with 10 loops are the good match in marriage made in heaven. If you could find one with 10 whorls and get married with her, you could live very happily. But the probability of this is 1/10485796.

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